Nasal Congestion – My Worst Nightmare


Nasal congestion, though a minor issue, causes lots of discomfort to adults and children. Being a mom of two I’ve seen my children face this issue of stuffy nose and common cold with seasonal changes. Stuffy nose or congestion is generally caused by Common cold or Influenza, along with it sneezing and watery eyes cause irritation to kids and they become extremely restless.


Live With No Regrets, Mommies!!!

Live With No Regrets, Mommies

Parents are selfless, but do we need to prove it by saying over and over. It’s not selfish to be ourselves even after our kids. It’s not selfish to continue what we love doing once we are blessed with our little ones.Lets cherish every moment of our life with our kids and live without regrets.


Papa, Please Don’t Scold Mamma….Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence does not mean beating up black and blue or broken bones or forced sex, it includes verbal abuses, controlling ones behavior, controlling finances too. Women, in general, from any strata of society find it difficult to leave their partner for many factors; But Domestic Violence should not be tolerated at any cost.Let’s overcome the fear, stand for those who are in need for support, spread awareness, educate us and others too.


It takes TWO to raise TWO

In a nuclear setup, raising one kid is challenging and two would It takes two to raise twobe even more, a proper support system would be required to go through that struggling phase. So we can involve our husband in appropriate tasks so that he must not feel fatigued at the end of his tiring day. Let’s consider our husband’s feelings and get him involved with kids be it one, two or three 😉


A Super Dad….Prerequisite For A Happy And Balanced Family!!

My husband surely deserves the Title of  “Super Dad” and “Super Husband” Super dadbecause he was the one managing a lot more than me and that too without complaints and tantrums. So the journey of mine with a newborn and infant was not so amazing initially but now when I find my daughter hugging my crawling son or protecting him in little ways I feel more than delighted.


Are We Raising “Well Behaved” Children Or Timid Ones….?

Our children are our biggest assets. In the process of Well Behaved kidsmaking them “Well-behaved” Let’s not make things scary for them. We can make sure they are not doing things out of fear or Pressure, Let’s give them ample time to learn “why” they should behave so,  Lets allow them to enjoy their childhood, they may spill milk on the floor, instead of yelling or scolding let’s ask them to help us in small activities. Like ways we can help ourselves understand them better and have some control over their behavior. Let’s stay involved with our little darlings and raise a “confident” Child.


I Am That Mommy Who Doesn’t Entertain Any Blame Game….

All of us face judgments on the choices we make. I am that mommyLet’s stop doing
that rather start supporting each other.All of us want to be a good mother or a good parent, but what defines a good Mother? On this journey of Motherhood let’s support each other and offer our helping hand. Our kids will learn from us..So let’s set a Positive and a healthy environment for them.



Let’s Not Bottle Up Our Feelings….There Is No Shame In Discussing Mental Illness

Its “Postpartum Depression”. So Mommies to be Mother In Nursery Suffering From Post Natal Depressionor new Mommies reading this Please don’t hesitate to seek help if at any moment you feel you cannot handle the stress, There are professionals who can help you overcome this rough  phase, Talk about It and Please seek Help. It’s just a phase and will pass soon.