Nasal Congestion – My Worst Nightmare


Nasal congestion, though a minor issue, causes lots of discomfort to adults and children.
Being a mom of two I’ve seen my children face this issue of stuffy nose and common cold with seasonal changes. Stuffy nose or congestion is generally caused by Common cold or Influenza, along with it sneezing and watery eyes cause irritation to kids and they become extremely restless.



Review – Vya Naturals Rose Balancing Face Scrub

rose_balancing_face_scrub-_front_1296x6064368797182233581.jpgWe all are gifted with soft and clear skin but slowly the baby softness goes and by the time we reach twenties or thirties our skin tends to get rough and acne prone.

Our constant exposure to pollution, changes in temperature or dehydration causes rough skin, dry skin which looks extremely dull and flaky at times.My skin started looking so dull and gloomy even after regularly cleaning face with face washes and moisturizing so I thought to scrub my skin to pull out the dead cells and blackheads…….