Nasal congestion, though a minor issue, causes lots of discomfort to adults and children.
Being a mom of two I’ve seen my children face this issue of stuffy nose and common cold with seasonal changes.

Stuffy nose or congestion is generally caused by Common cold or Influenza, along with it sneezing and watery eyes cause irritation to kids and they become extremely restless.
I generally give my kids steam to help loosen the nose and congestion which gives some relief.

When children have fever along with congestion, they may feel very sick and tired. It becomes difficult for them to sleep. So elevating the pillow and placing a warm-mist humidifier also helps as it keeps the air and airways moist.

Another thing which can be done is turning on hot shower in the bathroom and sitting there with the baby for few minutes. The steam will get into the chest area through nasal passage and help get rid of the phlegm.


These are few handy tips that I use when my children are down with cold, cough and blocked nose.

In case of infants, it is really annoying to see them suffer and as they take feed it becomes so difficult for them and which is really dangerous.
My son, who just turned 2, has got issues with seasonal allergy and is very prone to cold, cough and congestion. He completely stops having his meal and also it becomes difficult for me to give him fluids. With babies and toddlers, it becomes really frustrating to deal with this.

So, I fixed an appointment with my Son’s pediatrician who suggested Nasivion pediatric nasal drops.


Nasivion Pediatric (0.025%) Nasal Drops is a nasal decongestant for Children between 1 to 6 years of age and provides relief to the little ones and unblocks the nose.

My son got relief from congestion and blocked nose with this and it helped him to sleep in ease and take proper feed.

With babies and toddler we need to be careful when they are down with cold/flu/ congestion, since babies are obligatory nose breathers, and if it is accompanied with fever, it is safe to consult with a pediatrician soon.

To know more about this product do visit the below links.

Happy Nose Happy Mom

(Please consult your pediatrician before using this product)

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