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Hi friends, After becoming parents are you skeptical to go for road trips with kids?? Road trips and vacationing means travelling with a relaxed mind keeping our little ones safe and secure.
We can continue having safe road trips with our kiddos by getting an infant car seat or kids safety seat.India’s road safety record is the worst in the world but still there are no rules by our government regarding child safety in the car.As parents its our priority to protect our child from any kind of injury or death.

A car seat is actually designed to save children from accidents be it a car crash or car breakdown. So its extremely important to buckle our little ones in the car seat rather than holding them in our lap.

In India, Parents still prefer to use seatbelts for kids.
Adult Seatbelts can protect adults from accident not children as its already been reported that using adult seat belts children suffered injuries to all parts of their bodies. The adult seat belt usually does not fit well until sometime between the ages of 8 and 12, depending on the size of your child.

So, It is very important to ensure that your child travels in an appropriate child car safety seats as per childs age and weight and the seats which are installed properly as per manufacturers manual.

There are three main types of car seats:Infant car seatsConvertible car seatsBooster seats

Infant Car Seat

Your baby should remain rear-facing until she is 2 years of age. You can put newborn babies in infant car seats as it has support cushions to help the baby fit properly.
The infant car seats can also be used as a carrier for small babies and can be rocked too.

Convertible Car Seats

When your kid will outgrow that infant car seat and has exceeded the weight or height of infant carseat he should be moved to convertible carseat.

Booster carseat

You can safely switch your child to a booster seat if she’s at least 4 years old.The booster seat that comes with 5-point harness safety feature is the best option when it comes to your little ones life.
We should not skip that booster seat stage and move our kid to car seat belt directly, which 95 % of parents normally do.

Installation of car seats is again a very important step.
Read the instruction manual that came with the seat, as well as your car’s user manual. It should be done with utmost care. Position of shoulder straps, tightness of the installation should again be checked.

Lastly, most important point we need to keep in our mind as parents is to Remove bulky coats and clothing from your child before placing them in the car seat. They might get suffocated and that’s a risk.

For more information on child car safety, you can visit


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