It feels great when India celebrates “International Womens Day” to achieve gender equality for women when
Female infanticide is still rampant, Female education is a big struggle and Dowry death is still prevalant although its a social evil, it didn’t get eradicated from our society.

Brutal rapes have been reported in India on a near-daily basis and Acid attacks are common too though many such incidents are not recorded.

There are tags for women such as “Bechari” “aabla naari” and so on and which is used extensively in our daily soaps without any protests, moreover those are enjoyed by women again.These Indian soaps and serials are focussing on Indian culture definitely but these create stereotypes like ideal daughter in law who will do anything for her family. She will worship her husband and in-laws and take all taunts and insults beyond imagination with secret tears. Oh my! How it will affect today’s and future generation.

Inspite of all these I love being a Women.

1.Mentally Strong..
Women are strong, women are powerful. We know how to dust ourselves from all miseries and frustrations and stand tall amidst crisis.

2. Self expression comes naturally to us
This may vary from one another but for me it’s real. I can cry well, laugh hard, I’m sarcastic if situation demands, My anger, that’s a different matter all together


3. Love my body
No matter what I do, how I feel, first thing that comes in my mind is “my body”, I know how to self care and I do care for every part of my body. I know how to accept my stretch marks and embrace my big bump as well.

4. My world is filled with love, compassion, affection. I’ve the capability to nurture my family with all my Inner strength and generosity

5. I’m previledged to be a stay at home mom. So I enjoy the luxury of making a choice for myself and my family.

6. I’m happy that I can get crazy at times, I vent out, I get mood swings.. No one can blame me for that.. blame it on hormones!


7. Being an Urban women I can step up for any injustice being done to me. I can step up for others as well, as I’m more inclined to support other women.

8. Multitasking .. I’m not saying Men cannot do that. I’m sure I do it best. Handling phone calls, cooking, cleaning, changing diapers and clicking selfie, I can do it all without any hiccups


9. I am happy to discover myself in so many roles over the time and how each role is important. A daughter, sister, wife and then Mother, the biggest role of my life.

10. Lastly, an anti feminist may hate me for that still I say I Love being feminist. Yes, I am a stay at home mom and Im a FEMINIST. But,I love man, feminism never means neglecting or hating them. They too stand by us when we need them. Feminism gave me a power to voice my own opinion and talk about our Rights. It helped me to look into minor things from a wider perspective.

This blog post is a part of #Womensdayblogparty
I’d like to thank Megna for introducing me. Read her post for this blog party here

Also do go to Pooja’s blog post on to read what she has say on this women’s day.


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10 thoughts on “Top 10 reasons I love being a women

  1. The hindi serial part is so bloody true. I mean who the hell stays so dressed up at home wearing perfect make up and jewellery and jazz. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ such wrong influence.


  2. Atta girl!!! Other women are nt my competition, well said!!! And yes, I blame the hormones too . Nice one. Thanks for joining in #womensdayblogparty.


  3. I think one of the important points most people have missed is that we live in an age where women have options of working from home, working part-time, freelancing and getting back to corporate life after a sabbatical. Unfortunately men are still expected to work 9-5 or rather 9-9 jobs. I’m glad you captured that point.


  4. Beautiful write up!!! I relate to your all points being a woman & mother too.. That being feminist but still love man is super cool.


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