As I write about the day of love I won’t start with the wikipedia definition of “Valentine’s Day”. It is a Day when people can show their love and affection to one another by sending cards, flowers or chocolates. The day can be celebrated with our friends, family and kids as the celebration is not limited to couples alone.

My Valentine’s day celebration with HIM started in our late twenties after gaining various experiences from life.
Me and my boyfriend( now husband) lived in two different cities and we were very excited to celebrate our first Valentine’s day perfectly, as after a series of anti climaxes we were then set to start a new chapter with full energy and charm and lots of positive vibes.

Mr.A called me and informed that he will be coming to see me on 14th Feb evening and he will be there for only one day. Flying from one city to another to celebrate Valentines Day was
an exhilarating news for me, so I started dreaming about a perfect date, a generic thing which most of the girls of my age would do. I rushed to the airport on 14th Feb afternoon wearing a denim shorts and white top and as I was not a makeup person 7 years back so it took only ten minutes to get ready. Entire morning I spent on bed thinking rather dreaming whether he will propose me again or he will surprise me bringing a bunch of flowers or will take me for formal dinner.
My thoughts and his actions were absolutely different. My mushy dreams about dating on Valentine’s day and his ideas of celebrating the day was so different..

As I was waiting for him in the airport I was totally absorbed in deep thoughts. For lovers in a long-distance relationship airport is the place for setting all happiness on arrival and sadness while departure…
I could see him approaching towards me and I was wondering where are the flowers?? He was carrying just a huge rucksack and a laptop bag.
We hugged each other and he handed over that sack to me with a smile, it was a huge teddy bear. I was blushing but was still expecting more.

Now comes the celebration part, I was so carried away by this Valentine’s day fantasy that I asked him “Are we going for some extravagant dinner at any fancy restaurant or a long drive…. I realised that moment the toughest part of Valentine’s Day is to decide what to do to make it perfect.He got little uncomfortable with my big plans and within few minutes I got to know he just wanted to spent lots of time with me and avoided going out to crowded restaurants or pub. I was totally disappointed with this spiritless thing as I’ve known him to be a planner type. My valentines Day didn’t go as per my expectations or my plan, but trust me, that was super romantic Valentine’s day for me in these seven years . He made me feel so special with his culinary skill and then gifting me a frame of “our” favourite photo. We spent a real good time which made me realise Valentine’s day is just another day or an opportunity to make your partner feel special.

Next Valentine’s day we were hitched and this time it was all about champagne,getting a cosy lingerie as a gift and lots of cuddles but that was celebrated on the last week of Feb as my husband had lots of deadlines to be met and he was extremely busy on “14th Feb”. “Celebration of love” now was no more a kind of huge fantasy for me. My husband used to express his love many times in a day and we planned date nights very often. Apart from the fact I missed a big teddy bear that year and it was replaced by a ring in a rose😍.

Story of two lovers continues for another year and then we became new Mom and Dad. As a new mom, best Valentine’s Day gift I wanted was a good sleep or uninterrupted sleep. My idea about celebrating the day of love changed and I didn’t want to make a big deal out of it being sleep deprived.

Years passed by and now we are parents of two kids but we still date, go out for dinner, celebrate for no reason and weekends are completely devoted to each other and family. So, now I don’t choose to go out for dinner with my two in crowded restaurants as my kids will become super clingy or they might feel uncomfortable too, we schedule our Valentine’s Day celebration as per our convineance and most importantly as two tiny humans joined us and we are a family of four, Valentine’s day is not restricted with just two of us so I asked my daughter to make a card to any of her favourite person or her brother or anyone and she choose to make a card for her “Papa”

I won’t mind if my husband now miss to give me a bunch of Red roses this Valentine’s Day. The overpriced Red roses look good only in florists shop and the bunch will turn brown in four or five days and then droop off in no time.

The charm and buoyancy of celebrating Valentine’s day after six years of marriage is still intact but no fancy dreams of making it extravagant. The day of love can be celebrated any day, anywhere. Now I know the value of money so won’t expect my husband who is sole bread earner of our family to go out of his way to get me any expensive gift or even those heart shaped soft toys because I don’t have much space now to store any more stuffed toys in my small apartment.

I don’t contempt “Valentine’s Day” but with time I realised it creates some unnecessary pressure on couples so I dont like the disappointments it leads to with some underperformance of romance but I will surely try to celebrate it without any materialistic involvement or brand engagement. For me, It’s a day of love which solely means connecting to each other more and nurturing a relationship and can be celebrated any day before and after or everyday ❤


This post is a part of the blog train started by Jasmeet of http://www.mommyvoyage.comand Anchal of They have networked to bring together moms to share their take on Love and Relationships in this month of Love .

I am grateful to Dr. Pooja kapoor who blogs at, for introducing me to the blog train.

I now let the train pass from my station and reach yet another wonderful place on Prity Tiwari

14 thoughts on “How my Valentine and Valentine’s Day changed over the years..

  1. Awwwww. I totally agree with you about V day not going as you expected. But as my husband says ‘we age, we mature “. Sigh.. I’ve forgotten the last time we gave surprises to each other. 🤣🤣


  2. Aww such beautiful love story. Even we feel something similar after 10 years and my husband is not very expressive (frequently) but never miss to do in some time which is a small surprise and I love that.


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