IMG_0758In our twenties or thirties when we get busy with our life, try to live for a purpose, when we struggle to be an indispensable employee or the preferred employer, when  paying installments  for our luxury or asset revolves our lives, When some of us are fortunate enough to think of fulfilling our bucket list of adventures  there again arises some arguments in many families when to have kids or what is the appropriate time to have kids.

The decision to add a newborn is a major one. So now after the decision is made the next step is to get prepared for Parenthood, but actually we can never get prepared. Things will go just with the flow. Some couple make a to-do list which helps a lot in future. The kind of preparation is different for the Parents-to-be, the way both the parent think can be different yet logical.  With Proper planning like deciding about Parents involvement in raising kids, financial responsibilities, Mommy going back to work or staying at home, a good support system in the form of maids or nanny, having insurance policies and considering several other things Parenthood can be made easier and not so horrific as it seems.

So when we play the role of a parent our life changes drastically. The moment we have a baby wrapped around in our arms our priorities changes. The transition is challenging. Lots of adjustments are needed. But, the situation will last only few days or months, gradually things will fall in place, so for that initial few days or even months should we stress ourselves?

We need to embrace Parenthood with grace. We should welcome our baby in our life and begin a new journey; they are not in our life to create any distractions for us. They are God’s gift to us. After having a newborn baby in our life we get so involved that we forget about ourselves, our relationships take a backseat be it with our husband, a colleague or our best friend, We tend to forget our own identity. Career, Hobbies, Bucket list of adventures, is no more our preferences. But why?  Breastfeeding or bottle feeding, Diaper Changing, sleepless nights are taxing. So we need to give ourselves time to rest. After the Paediatrician visit I make sure I visit the shopping mall nearby or a quick date with my kids and hubby in a coffee shop. I feel “Relaxed” and that is what required for us to go on. I really “Relax” and new parents should be given this much time by their respective Partner so that the show goes on.

If we are staying at home to take care of our kids let’s not be ashamed of it. We have ruled out that’s the best option so without any guilt factor lets go about it. Even if we are staying at home to take care of kids we can take a afternoon nap and let the laundry rest in the chair. It’s ok to let go small things in life to have a happy family. In spite of staying back at home we may not cook every day we are not robots we may fall sick, suffer PMS, and have bad day with kids. Imperfection is Beautiful.


Now it’s for mommies who are working.  Career oriented mommies,you should feel proud of everything you are doing. You are big inspiration to your kids; you can manage the entire task magnificently. After the day’s work when you reach home and you get a tight hug you know how much your kids love you. Motherhood cannot change your goal or focus towards life. It can just make you overcome your fears and fight every single day. Mommies, You made your choice, don’t give up please.

So, we can live our life to the fullest with our babies. We can go out, travel, have a quiet time in a day just for us, we can pamper ourselves, go for office trips, business meetings, whatsoever we do, we will love our kids the most. Life never gets slower for them. It’s on us how we deal with it. We need to start loving our life with kids not just living with complaints and most importantly we should not make them feel we are sacrificing a lot for them, Will it make the happy? Parents are selfless, but do we need to prove it by saying over and over. It’s not selfish to be ourselves even after our kids. It’s not selfish to continue what we love doing once we are blessed with our little ones.

Lets cherish every moment of our life with our kids and live without regrets.

Happy Parenthood!!

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