Being a mother of two kids I come across lots of compliments, criticisms, Judgement and appreciations on how I am raising my kids. Dos and Don’ts come from different sources, be it Aunties roaming around in the Park or my helper or my cousin’s Sister-in-law or her mother in law. Now I whole heartedly thank them all for showering me with all the knowledge on bringing up my kids but I am sorry , I know I will be blamed for every single thing my Child does but still I cannot follow all your advice without Proper validation or without my Paediatrician’s consent. Whenever confusion arises I follow “Mothers Instinct”, “Mommies knows best” or Google things out, In this case I am surely an Arrogant Mommy and I don’t repent it.

My Daughter falls sick very often and I am the one blamed for it. Reason being from her Infancy we are taking her for outings or trips and as we travel by Train, Aeroplane or even by Car she got prone to infection.Oh really?? Don’t play that blame game on me. Appropriate measures should be taken while going out for travelling with kids and we prefer Kids friendly Places. Actually “Kids friendly” is a consistent term in our house. Consent from Paediatrician is also taken before we head out for any destination by any mode of transport. There is no study that says Children fall Sick because of travelling different Places. Washing and sanitizing hands at regular intervals, keeping our kids hydrated, giving them Boiled/Mineral water, feeding them fresh Fruits, Carrying Mosquito Repellents, Having emergency Medicine is compulsory though. So yes, I am that travel bug Mommy and I don’t repent it.

My Little boy is slow in achieving his milestones, it’s his 6th month and he is not crawling yet…Oh No! Neighbours lost their Sleep and mommy is to blame, she didn’t appoint a Proper Dai (Masseur). I didn’t want any rough forced movements on my baby and it’s a personal choice of mine, I wanted to massage my baby because initially that’s the best way to bond with baby. Massage is very essential but I don’t want any oil drops in ears or naval of my newborn. So I am that mommy who follows Motherly Instincts and YouTube Tutorials for more knowledge and I don’t repent that.

I am very active on Social Media be it Facebook, Instagram or  whats app. Just a “Stay at home Mom” and so active on Social Media. Managing two kids, 1 doggy and just wasting her time like this….”That’s why the Older kid still doesn’t know Numbers”… They feel sorry for me again … Blame it on my Husband for privileging me with unlimited Internet Pack and not me (blush-blush).  I stay at home taking into account several factors, I don’t go out to work but I am entitled to socialise and enjoy few benefits too like keeping a Nanny and Maid so that I can recharge myself for few hours to capitalise my energy on my household chores, make some cupcakes in the afternoon without taking a nap, I put that Pincess(Princess) crown on and play the role of Cinderella, I too get down the stairs and have to leave my sparkling slipper So that the Prince can find me, I need to act like a Lion King and the list goes on…So I don’t repent my decision.

I have to take my kids to playground and We enjoy there, I sit and watch my girl moving around, screaming, fighting and sometimes feed my little man sitting there without giving it a thought what I am wearing or what another lady is wearing, It’s not a fashion ground just Children Playground. I am wearing that short skirt or sleeveless top, Judgements come here too…”Oh! What she will teach her girl?”  Are we setting right example for our children by discussing about what a person is wearing? Should a dress determine the kind of mommy I’m. Even my little girl was asked to go to her Preschool wearing full leggings. I was shocked but I didn’t let it happen. I go by the line “Size of our dress does not determine our personality” and I don’t repent it and yes I am that Short Skirt Mommy and I am proud of myself!!

All of us face judgments on the choices we make. Let’s stop doing that rather start supporting each other.All of us want to be a good mother or a good parent, but what defines a good Mother? On this journey of Motherhood let’s support each other and offer our helping hand. Our kids will learn from us..So let’s set a Positive and a healthy environment for them.

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