Being a Parent we’ve endless task to perform towards our kids. In today’s society Parenting is a challenge. Raising a “Well Behaved” Child is one of the primary focus of Parents.  There are different Parenting techniques and it’s of no use to debate which the best way to Parent.

The other day I went out  and stopped at CCD. My attention caught a three or four years old little cute monster who was jumping here and there, Picking up things from table, A happy Baby he was exploring things around, suddenly his mommy shouted “Behave Yourself” the little one immediately stopped jumping and sat near his mommy trying not to move much other than looking here and there and making funny faces While his mommy was chitchatting with her friends. I could well understand that he was quite aware of the term “Behave” though he was unable to connect much. He sat down because “Mommy said so”. We forget that they are kids and supposed to behave like that and not like an Adult.  Not only that lady, even I have tried training my daughter to behave properly before going out either to a friend’s place or restaurant. How can we expect a three or four or five years old to behave like a thirty or forty years old? Children need to be active and let us give some Freedom to them to explore.’

When we try to encourage Good Behavior We can explain them with few examples, elaborately explaining them would be of no use, and just a line or two would work if said in a correct tone. In the process of teaching our children Good Behavior we should stay Positive and Focused.  Constantly saying “No” to everything might confuse them. My daughter used to smartly ignored my “No” or “stop doing that” or “don’t touch that”. I found a solution to make her listen to me by praising her for little things.

Few months back we faced a situation where my daughter used to cry at the drop of a hat. She used to wake up crying, for every silly reason she would burst out crying. We got the idea there must be something that’s bothering her. So immediately after she got back from school I started sitting with her with some books and used to tell her our childhood stories or dress her up, give her kitchen utensils (her favorite toy) to play with then she slowly opened up and told me “Mamma, Taai( her school Nanny) always scolds me and forces me to Nap” Now I got the reason of her sorrow. My daughter is one such little creature who would not listen if said something in harsh tune, finding no other option I had to visit her school and talk about the issue in detail. Now slowly there were some changes, it didn’t happen overnight. Lots of Patience, Making Stars and ice-cream in her hand, cuddling her and kissing her did some wonders.

Our children are our biggest assets. In the process of making them “Well-behaved” Let’s not make things scary for them. We can make sure they are not doing things out of fear or Pressure, Let’s give them ample time to learn “why” they should behave so,  Lets allow them to enjoy their childhood, they may spill milk on the floor, instead of yelling or scolding let’s ask them to help us to clean the floor. They won’t enjoy shopping mall with us for hours if they get cranky instead of fussing over their behavior, we should try to understand if they are tired or bored. Like ways we can help ourselves understand them better and have some control over their behavior. Let’s stay involved with our little darlings and raise a “confident” Child.

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