Super dadLife with a toddler and Newborn Baby is extremely strenuous. Reading lots of Articles on Internet, watching videos on YouTube about managing a toddler and a baby and going through several books on Parenting definitely helps to gain some Insight, but practically a new Mommy of two gets lost thinking how to tackle the massive task or the Battle Ground all alone. It was at that time when my Husband took all the efforts to make things easier for me and he made sure our older kid is not getting neglected in any ways and also helped me in every possible way.

The age gap is less for both our kids. While I nursed my newborn at the same time I tried to snuggle my toddler while my husband prepared our Dinner. When he wanted to spend some time with our newborn I made sure I give some quality time to our energetic toddler by listening to her, talking to her about her younger brother, reading story books to her. Both of us took turns caring for our kids. Slowly we started involving our daughter in small and simple tasks of helping me by getting Diapers or Bathing stuff for her little brother and she used to feel happy and important at the same time. My daughter enjoyed holding the feeding bottle too so in the process she didn’t feel left out.

Navigating life with a toddler and Baby was not easy, my house was never spotless nor had we amazing dinner. We were never a perfect Parent. But still both of us tried our best to balance life.He utilized his Paternity leave to the fullest.  He actually worked on” Prioritizing” rather than burdening me with all the responsibilities.He used to sit with my daughter for hours encouraging her to do lots of  activities, arts and crafts projects which definitely resulted in a big mess….But who cares anyway!! I got enough rest and that was much needed after my major surgery. I was even tired emotionally, Guilt factor was so strong at that point,I was very concerned about bonding with my second Baby and hence I needed some alone time to distress myself.



My husband surely deserves the Title of  “Super Dad” and “Super Husband” because he was the one managing a lot more than me and that too without complaints and tantrums. So the journey of mine with a newborn and infant was not so amazing initially but now when I find my daughter hugging my crawling son or protecting him in little ways I feel more than delighted. My daughter really loves her little brother and she gets really excited when her little brother gives a toothless smile. Luckily we even succeeded in preventing Sibling Rivalry which we were concerned of.


Happy Parenting!!






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